Super Yacht Paint is available to help you find the most suitable paint for your yacht. Modern superyacht paint is defined by two pack polyurethane, developed during the 1950's for aircraft, it is incredibly hard wearing, resistant to UVF and salt, keeps its shine for many years and benefits from professional application. New legislation, designed to limit health and environmental damage, has encouraged yacht paint companies to bring out products that are kinder during application. Major yacht paint companies also manufacture specialist marine varnish, anti-fouling, fillers, primers and thinners etc. With ever-changing technology and international environmental regulations it is always a good idea to keep up to date on the latest products being manufactured for your use on your yacht. Also on the market today are clear coatings that can be quickly applied to bring your paint surface back to life for a season or two when it is impossible to find the time for a complete repaint.


For over 35 years Awlgrip has been the market leader ...
For over 35 years Awlgrip has been the market leader in topsides systems and continues to be so ...
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